Meet my Lab x JFS on March 20, 2024

JFS and EURAXESS ASEAN foster bilateral research projects with “Meet my Lab x JFS” event
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The Southeast Asia-Europe Joint Funding Scheme (JFS) partnered with EURAXESS ASEAN hosted the event "Meet my Lab x JFS." The event, held on March 20, 2024, served as a platform for 2 young  researchers from Malaysia and Indonesia, to showcase their laboratories, engage in insightful discussions, and forge invaluable connections within the scientific community. This event carried the theme of “Clean, Accessible and Secure Energy Supply”.

Event Highlights:

  • Welcoming Remarks: Ms. Leonie Nagarajan of Euraxess ASEAN set the stage with a warm welcome and an overview of the event agenda.
  • Opening Address: Mr. Victor Gram-Erichsen, Policy Officer of the Directorate General Research of the European Commission, underscored the significance of strengthening ties between SEA and Europe. He emphasized the joint efforts needed to tackle global challenges, highlighting circular economy and energy as key areas of focus.
  • Introduction to SEA-Europe JFS and 2023 Joint Call for Proposals: Mr. Tuấn Vũ Bùi, Junior Programme Officer, provided insights into the SEA-Europe Joint Funding Scheme (JFS) and the ongoing 2023 Joint Call for Proposals. He elucidated how the JFS programme facilitates researcher collaboration through online applications, enabling efficient partner searches and profile filtering. Mr. Bùi also encouraged researchers to take advantage of the open call for proposals.
  • EURAXESS ASEAN Overview: Dr Tatas Brotosudarmo, representing EURAXESS ASEAN, delivered a succinct overview of the EURAXESS Portal and its services. Highlighting initiatives such as information sessions, matchmaking events, workshops, and grants, Dr Tatas emphasized EURAXESS's commitment to supporting Pillar I and II of the Horizon Europe Project, with a focus on research and innovation.


Dr Ir Grandprix T M Kadja, the Assistant Professor Division of Inorganic and Physical Chemistry Institut Teknologi Bandung Indonesia, and the moderator of the Lab Tour briefly presented the next two speakers from Indonesia and Malaysia that will showcase their research and laboratories.

Dr Hanifrahmawan Sudibyo, Assistant Professor Chemical Engineering Department Universitas Gadjah Mada, Indonesia, presented at first with the title “A systems approach for sustainable biomass waste management”. Composing 6 people in his projects, he highlights previous and ongoing projects. His previous projects included integrating thermophilic AD into the bio ETOH plant; Aerobic treatment of low OLR wastewater; catalytic HTL of wet biomass waste; and nutrient recovery from the thermochemical treatment byproducts. Then, his ongoing projects included biogas production from marine macro algae and water hyacinth; E.coli spread detection and mitigation in groundwater and drainage systems; and integrating sequential batch reactor and aquaponic systems with fish farming. During this Lab Tour, Dr Hanifrahmawan mentioned that in a circular bioeconomy, he wanted to develop a decision-making tool based on the spacial performance of biorefinery; CO2 utilization for valuable chemicals productions; and multi-functional catalysts to handle complex thermochemical phenomena. 

Dr Hana Chen Wei Jun, Research Head of the Sustainable Community Development Department of Community Medicine International Medical School, Management and Science University, Malaysia, presented the second line focused on “Electrogenic Bacterial Battery for Sustainable Bioenergy Generation”. Dr Hana explained that the reason for the development of an Electrogenic Bacterial Battery (EBB) on her project is to have sustainable, renewable, and eco-friendly bioenergy generation. During this Lab Tour, Dr Hana objective was to advance the field of EBB for bioelectricity generation by integrating expertise in microbiology, engineering, electrochemistry and materials science.

The event served as a platform for stakeholders to explore opportunities for collaboration and exchange ideas in vital areas of research. By fostering partnerships between Southeast Asia and Europe, EURAXESS ASEAN and JFS are paving the way for innovative solutions to global challenges in circular economy and energy. Researchers are encouraged to leverage the available resources and actively participate in joint initiatives to drive impactful change.

Presentations slides for download: